Natural resources in Tasmania

Tasmania is a geographic jewel.

Relatively sparsely populated, Tasmania is situated hundreds of kilometres south of the Australian mainland and is swept clean by the Southern Ocean winds.

The magnificent scenery of Tasmania’s mountains, lakes, forests and coastline is a natural resource that is a boon, not only to the Tasmanian economy through tourism, but also to the quality of life of its residents.

The waters surrounding Tasmania are teeming with fish, lobster and shellfish. The abundant rainfall and fresh water lakes are sufficient to support a population many times the current size.

The soil is fertile. The climate is ideal for the forests that cover half the island.

Beneath the ground, mainly on the west coast of Tasmania, are mineral riches, the majority of which are yet to be exploited.

Tasmania is one of the largely-undiscovered last great opportunities in the world.

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Mt Gould
Tasmania has an abundance of fresh water for domestic consumption.
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