Mineral operations in Tasmania

Map of major mineral operations

In the past, mining and exploration in Tasmania was driven by a short-term commitment to maximising returns to shareholders, with little regard for environmental management. This approach has changed and Tasmania now has an industry with a world-class, minimal impact, environmentally-sensitive approach to mining.

Tasmanian mining operators have become efficient and are respectful of the environment. The industry world-wide has benefited from the innovative techniques and equipment developed in the process.

The more significant Tasmanian mineral operations are as follows:

Coal loader at Duncan Colliery, Fingal
Cornwall Coal Company coal loader at Fingal, east coast region of Tasmania.
  1. Zinfex Hobart Smelter

    On the Derwent estuary just north of Hobart, the zinifex hobart smelter is an electrolytic zinc plant. The smelter is Tasmania’s largest exporter and one of the world’s largest zinc producers, producing about 250,000 tonnes of zinc a year. The smelter provides direct employment for 537 Zinifex personnel and 109 contractors.
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  2. Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Ltd

    Operator of queenstown’s Mt Lyell mine. The mine produces about 30,500 tonnes of copper a year, plus 17,500 ounces of gold and 140,400 ounces of silver, in concentrates. Copper Mines of Tasmania employs 443 people, and Barminco, the largest contractor, employs 186 people.
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  3. Allegiance Mining Pty Ltd

    allegiance mining is developing a nickel mine at Avebury near Zeehan. The mine is scheduled to go in to production in September 2007. Allegiance Mining has estimated that there is a preliminary resource of 17,000 tonnes of nickel at its East Avebury and Saxon deposits. A further deposit, Bison, has been discovered south-west of Avebury.
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  4. Barrick (Henty) Limited

    Operates a gold mine 25 kilometres north of queenstown on the west coast. A total of 161 people are employed at the mine. Ore mined last year was about 307,700 tonnes to produce 3,794 kilograms of dore containing 2,427 kilograms of gold and 1,219 kilograms of silver.
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  5. Zinifex Rosebery Mine

    zinifex operates an underground mine and concentrator at Rosebery on the west coast of Tasmania. Total production for the year ended June 2006 was 693,000 tonnes of ore at 13.7 per cent zinc. Zinifex has 260 full-time employees and contractors working at the operation.
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  6. Australian Bulk Minerals

    Mining of iron ore continued at Savage River last year and pellets were produced at Port Latta. Total ore mined was more than 2,370,000 cubic metres. A total of 413 people were employed in the operation which is scheduled to cease mining in 2007. However, there is the potential to continue development of the operation by deepening North Pit. Investigations have taken place.
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  7. Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture

    There was a suspension of production at the beaconsfield gold mine after a rock fall resulted in a fatality in April 2006. Following safety investigations production resumed at the mine in April 2007. At June 2006, 89 people were employed at the mine and a total of 2,550 kilograms of gold and 319 kilograms of silver were produced from 200,930 tonnes of ore milled.
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  8. Comalco Aluminium Bell Bay Ltd

    This is an electro-metallurgical aluminium refinery at bell bay. Comalco employs 523 people at the operation and there are a further 55 contractors. Metal production totalled more than 174,000 tonnes last year.
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  9. Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Co Pty Ltd

    TEMCO operates an electro-metallurgical smelter making fero-alloys at bell bay. TEMCO employs 281 people. Production for the year was 114,700 tonnes of ferro-manganese, 103,200 tonnes of silicon-manganese and 275,000 tonnes of sinter.
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  10. Cornwall Coal Company

    The company has mines at fingal, Mt Nicholas, St Marys and Hamilton, together with a coal washing plant at Fingal. Total people employed is 86. Production totalled more than 635,000 tonnes of raw coal last year and sales were more than 433,000 tonnes.
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This report is presented as being of general interest on the state of economic development in Tasmania. It is not intended as investment advice. The author and the owners of T CHANGE do not hold shares in, nor do they derive any benefit whatsoever from the company/companies mentioned in this report.