The Meander Dam – a new water resource for Tasmania

The Meander Valley and Deloraine will have a dramatic shift in outlook and economic activity with the construction of the Meander Dam.

The Meander Dam will be a boon for the economy of the central-north of Tasmania and will have spin-off effects for the whole of the State.

Water from the dam will be the foundation for new agricultural industries, giving farmers certainty of supply and confidence to invest. In addition, the new lake will provide recreation and eco-tourism opportunities.

Early mist in the Meander Valley
Early morning mist in the Meander Valley
© Richard Gerathy

The Meander Dam has support from the community, from State and federal parliamentarians across the political spectrum, from local government, from peak farming and agricultural bodies, from major commercial enterprises and from farmers.

The Meander Dam is an essential infrastructure project that will lead to a more vibrant, prosperous and sustainable Tasmania. The project is on target to be completed in November 2007.

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