Huon Aquaculture – salmon producers

Hideaway Bay, Tasmania

Huon Aquaculture is a Tasmanian success story.

Huon Aquaculture salmon growing pens
Huon Aquaculture salmon growing pens in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel in southern Tasmania

Privately owned by Peter and Frances Bender, Huon Aquaculture is the second-largest salmon producer in Australia behind the publicly-listed Tassal Group – also of Tasmania.

In 2007 Huon Aquaculture will produce more than 7,000 tonnes of salmon and turn over about $100 million. They employ 160 local workers and contribute more to the economy than the entire Tasmanian apple industry.

Salmon is low in calories and high in protein and Omega-3 oils. In an increasingly health-conscious society demand for the Huon Aquaculture product is growing at 20% a year. Huon Aquaculture has 44% of the Australian wholesale market and also exports to the USA, France, Japan, Hong Kong and Taipei.

tasmanian aquaculture leads the way

Peter and Frances Bender started out as cattle and sheep farmers. Their property had a significant foreshore and they diversified into fish-farming in 1987.

“We knew nothing about fish,” says Frances, “but farming principles don’t change. Stock needs to be fed well and not stressed. They have to be kept clean and their environment kept clean.”

Huon Aquaculture operates eight sea farms in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel where the waters of the huon River, which rise in the World Heritage Wilderness Area, meet the equally clean Southern Ocean. Water temperature is ideal.

In 2006 Huon Aquaculture introduced 168-metre circumference cages – the largest salmon-growing pens in the world. They are moved around regularly. Tasmanian salmon does not have the diseases and parasites that afflict northern hemisphere salmon and the Tasmanian government’s environmental conditions are strict.

Computerised feeding system
Huon Aquaculture’s advanced computerised feeding system

Huon Aquaculture uses the most advanced computerised feeding system yet developed. They do not use growth hormones or genetically-modified feed.

Huon Aquaculture products are marketed under the Huon Tasmanian Salmon brand.

the way of the future

Commercial fishing stocks around the world are being rapidly depleted.

“The only way we are going to be able to keep feeding people is by aquaculture.”
says Frances Bender.

“It is the fastest growing agri-business in the world.”

Peter and Frances Bender
Peter and Frances Bender, owners of Huon Aquaculture in southern Tasmania.

Visit the huon aquaculture website for more information.