Sorell and the Tasman Peninsula

map of Sorell and Tasman Peninsula


Population: 11,800

Served by the sorell council, Sorell is a diverse community just 10 minutes from Hobart Airport and 20 minutes from Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania.

Housing in the Sorell area is affordable which has made it attractive for seachangers. Sorell has been one of the three fastest growing municipalities in Tasmania in the past year. The growth, however, has placed some strains on the infrastructure.

The Municipality of Sorell includes Midway Point and extends south-east to encompass a number of towns including Dodges Ferry, Lewisham, Carlton, Primrose Sands, Forcett, Copping and Dunalley.

The region has a diverse range of farm and marine produce and small industries. Agriculture was once the region’s mainstay but tourism is becoming the new focus. Sorell is both a hub and a gateway to the east coast of Tasmania and to the Tasman Peninsula.

There is a bustling shopping centre in Sorell which includes bakeries, supermarkets and hotels. Government services include a Service Tasmania outlet, Centrelink and the Tourist Information Centre. There is also a medical centre and school.

The Tasman Peninsula

Population: 2,200

Named after Abel Tasman, who landed at Dunalley in 1642, the Tasman Peninsula is renown for its rainforests, blowholes, surf beaches and spectacular scenery of ocean cliffs, bays and steep farming land.

Served by the tasman council, this is a local government area of 660 square kilometres and population of only 2,200. This number increases to as much as 9,000 as during summer when tourists come to enjoy the beaches, the fishing and the historic attractions. The region boasts a number of boating and sporting clubs. It is also a base for local crayfish, salmon and shellfish industry.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing are the major industries and tourist accommodation, cafes and restaurants provide services.

The following towns are served by the Tasman Council:

Tasman Peninsula coastline
Cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula. Consider this region for your sea change.
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tasman municipality
Town Distance
from Hobart
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Nubeena 99 The largest town on the Tasman Peninsula, the municipal capital of Nubeena provides the region with a base including the Tasman District School, shops, medical services and pharmacy, as well as emergency services. The town lies at the head of Wedge Bay on the western flank of what is virtually an island guarding the eastern entrance to Storm Bay. It is a ten-minute drive to Port Arthur. There are popular swimming and fishing spots nearby.
Port Arthur 95 Port Arthur overlooks the waters of a quiet bay. Its historic prison site is one of Tasmania’s prime tourist attractions and basically supports the small township.
Eaglehawk Neck 75 Eaglehawk Neck is a bar made of sand carried by currents and waves from the floors of Pirate’s Bay to the east and Norfolk Bay to the west. It ties Tasman to Forestier Peninsula in a narrow run of land which is less than 100 metres wide. This quiet fishing village comprises clusters of tiny holiday retreats which are surrounded by spectacular coastal cliffs. The waters around the coast are some of the finest temperate dive waters in the world.
Taranna 84 Taranna is a small town stretched along the shores of Norfolk Bay about 10 kilometres north of Port Arthur. It is historically important as the terminus for Australia’s first tramway from Port Arthur.
Koonya 90 Located 15 kilometres from Port Arthur, Koonya is a quiet green village with a few isolated houses and a restored penitentiary in an exquisite setting between the mountains and the sea.
Murdunna 65
Saltwater River 100
White Beach 104