Tamar Valley in Tasmania

The Tamar River estuary meanders for 58 kilometres through areas of vineyards, orchards, pastures and forests, from Launceston to the sea. The Tamar Valley is Tasmania’s major cool-climate wine-producing region and the area specialises in Pinot and Riesling varieties.

The eastern side of the Tamar River and valley is within the launceston city and george town municipalities.

West Tamar

Map of West Tamar

The western side of the Tamar Valley is served by the west tamar council.

The West Tamar district, covering an area of 690 square kilometres, has two distinct demographic areas – the densely populated north-western suburbs of greater Launceston, where more than two-thirds of the residents of the district live, and rural villages along the Tamar River.

The West Tamar district has many attractive lifestyle attributes combining the facilities of Launceston with rural and riverside settings which have been likened to those of the Rhine Valley in Europe. The district offers a wide range of services and the conveniences of Launceston are on hand.

The Tamar Valley has a cool maritime climate and is well endowed with natural resources. The fertile soil is suitable for intensive agriculture and viticulture.

Tourism is a major industry in the Tamar Valley.


Beaconsfield is 46 kilometres north of Launceston on the western side of the Tamar River. The population of the town and surrounding region is approximately 2,000. The community is a mix of working families, retirees, rural and primary industry workers and service-sector workers who commute to Launceston. Businesses in this area of the Tamar Valley include small retail outlets, a gold mine, the administrative offices of the local council, tourism operators, agricultural producers, fisheries and maritime operators.


Modelled on a traditional Swiss village with some beautiful properties, Grindelwald is situated just off the main highway at the start of the Tamar Valley wine route. The village consists of a world-class resort, restaurants, a shopping precinct and a nine-hole golf course.


Population: 2,500

Legana is a ten-minute drive from Launceston. The Grindelwald Swiss Village is five minutes away. Legana itself offers conveniences including Woolworths (open between 7 am and midnight seven days a week), other shops and a medical centre.


Exeter is 25 kilometres from Launceston at the junction of the West Tamar and Frankford highways. It was originally a fruit growing district. The township services a wide rural area and provides for many of the everyday needs of residents and visitors alike. Tourists are attracted to the wine routes of the Tamar Valley. There are many excellent vineyards in the Tamar Valley, some of which offer gourmet meals and accommodation.

Daniel Alps at Strathlynn
Ninth Island Vineyard. The Tamar Valley is renowned for its wines.
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West Tamar brochure cover

The west tamar brochure (pdf 841kb) is produced for those looking for business opportunities in the Tamar Valley. It also contains general information about the West Tamar region.