Scottsdale and surrounds

Map of Scottsdale and surrounding area

Covering 3,200 square kilometres, and served by the dorset council, the rural district around Scottsdale, in north-east Tasmania, depends on agriculture, forestry industries as well as some mining, fishing and tourism. Residents of Dorset enjoy a superb natural environment with clean air and beautiful scenery, ranging from coastal beaches to farmlands and rain forests on the surrounding hills.

For more information about the Dorset area and its economic potential, visit dorset edg.


Population: 2,000

Located 63 kilometres east of Launceston and 200 metres above sea level, Scottsdale is the major township in the mountains between Launceston and the east coast of Tasmania. The town services some of Tasmania’s richest agricultural and forestry country as the region’s business centre. Surrounded by hills, it is very much a timber town. The Forestry Commission has offices here. There is also mixed farming in the surrounding district. (See also distances by road chart.)


Population: 1,350

Home of the renowned barnbougle dunes golf course (ranked 49th in the world), Bridport is 70 kilometres north-east of Launceston. A fishing, retirement and holiday village on the coast north of Scottsdale, Bridport’s permanent population of 1,350 increases to about 5,000 at the peak of the summer holiday period.

This attractive holiday town is situated at the southern end of Anderson Bay. It is the centre of major scallop, trout and lobster industries. (See also distances by road chart.)

Rich farmland near Scottsdale. The area offers some of the finest tree change living in Tasmania. © T CHANGE
Brochure on Dorset area

The dorset brochure (pdf 813kb) is produced for those considering business opportunities in this part of northern Tasmania. It also contains general information about Dorset.