Devonport and north-west Tasmania

map of Burnie and Devonport and north west region

The north-west of Tasmania is part of the Cradle Coast region. The various municipal councils incorporated into the north-west of Tasmania are co-ordinated by the cradle coast authority.

Sunrise outside Devonport
North-west Tasmania has both sea change and tree change options. © Devonport City Council

The north-west of Tasmania has a rugged coastline with beautiful beaches, resort towns and port cities. Find more information in the region section of the Cradle Coast Authority website.

Population: 39,820

Population: 19,220

Population: 20,910


Population: 13,320

Population: 8,100

map of Tasmania with north west region marked


The north-west tip of Tasmania boasts what is officially the world’s cleanest air.

wine region

The north-west of Tasmania is home to a number of small, lifestyle or family-oriented wine producers.

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