Midlands and lake country

map of the midlands region

The central plateau of Tasmania is noted for its breathtaking scenery and trout-filled lakes. Located 1050 metres above sea level, the great lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Australia.


Population: 12,170
(Served by the northern midlands council)

the Northern Midlands municipality is one of Tasmania’s largest and most diverse areas. It extends from mountainous country on the eastern and western boundaries to extensive grazing lands and the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Macquarie Rivers. Launceston is to the north, and Launceston Airport, the largest air freight operation in Tasmania, is within the district.

The Northern Midlands is renowned for historic villages with magnificent Georgian architecture, fine wool and agricultural production, the Ben Lomond National Park, trout fishing, waterways, diverse businesses and many tourist attractions.

Northern Midlands brochure cover

The northern midlands brochure (pdf 891kb) is produced by Northern Tasmania Development for those considering business opportunities in this area of Tasmania. It also contains general information about the region.

The Northern Midland’s relaxed country lifestyle, in close proximity to Launceston, attracts many residents to the towns of Longford, Evandale and Perth. Although these towns make up only five percent of the land area they are home to 55% of the Northern Midlands population.

Other centres include the historic village of Ross and the small rural towns of Campbell Town, Poatina Resort Village, Cressy and Avoca.


Population: 2,340
(Served by the central highlands council)

The Central Highlands landscape consists of mountain peaks rising from button grass plains. During winter, snow settles on the shores of the lakes and clear crisp days satisfy those who enjoy feeling close to the environment.

Lake St Clair
Lake St Clair is the deepest lake in Australia. It is more than 200 metres deep.
© Tourism Tasmania and Garry Moore

The highlands are central to Tasmania. They can be easily accessed from a number of directions – from Hobart in the south via bothwell (population: 340), from Strahan on the west coast, from Launceston in the north, or from Devonport on the north-west coast.

Beyond the historic farming settlements of Hamilton and Ouse the highway climbs into the highlands, crossing rivers where power stations harness the energy of falling water and reaching the central plateau where Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake, can be found.


Population: 5,740
(Served by the southern midlands council)

The Southern Midlands of Tasmania has a predominantly rural economy. Information on the various towns in the municipality can be found on the southern midlands council website.

map of tasmania showing midlands region
West of Tarraleah
West of Tarraleah in the midlands of Tasmania. Spectacular scenery and crisp mountain air are appealing for a tree change.