Hobart city and surrounds

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Tasman Bridge into Hobart
The Tasman Bridge across the River Derwent,
connecting Hobart city with the eastern shore.
© Tourism Tasmania and George Apostolidis

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is Australia’s least populated capital city.

Hobart has one of the finest deepwater ports in the world. Hobart is centred around Sullivans Cove, between Mt Wellington and the Derwent River estuary.

When it comes to quality of life, Hobart has no equal. It has magnificent scenery, fine Georgian and Victorian architecture and quality housing within easy commuting distance to work, schools and shops. Hobart has been voted Australia’s most liveable capital city.

(See distances by road chart.)

Greater Hobart is made up of the following three main areas:

  1. Hobart city and immediate suburbs (see below)
  2. hobart’s northern suburbs
  3. hobart’s eastern shore

hobart third in australia for affordable housing

From an article in The Sunday Tasmanian, 28 Jan 2007

According to Dr Bruce Felmingham of the University of Tasmania, Hobart has the third most affordable housing of any capital city in Australia.

Housing affordability is calculated by taking the average house price and dividing by average household income.

By this measure, the least affordable city in Australia is Sydney. This is followed by Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin. Then comes Hobart.

Only Adelaide and Canberra are more affordable. Canberra is the most affordable city largely because of the high incomes earned by public servants in the nation’s capital.

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did you know?

Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia. It was founded in 1803.

Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington is the dominant natural feature of Hobart. The mountain towers 1,270 metres above the River Derwent and the city’s foreshore.

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did you know?

Hobart is as far from the equator as is Rome, Italy, and the south of France.

The climate in Rome, and on the Mediterranean coast of France, is not as severe as in central and northern Europe, although this is the residency of choice for hundreds of millions of people.

The climate in Hobart is mild. It is moderated by the ocean and the warm East Australian Current.

Hobart city and immediate suburbs

Hobart city and the following immediate suburbs (population 48,800) are served by the HOBART CITY COUNCIL.

hobart city and immediate suburbs
Suburb Distance from GPO (km) Description
Hobart city 0 The port area is a central focus for the city of Hobart. There are new low-rise apartment developments around Sullivans Cove. The Hobart CBD has a variety of shopping outlets and a cosmopolitan cafe society in the midst of some of Australia’s finest sandstone and colonial architecture. City conveniences and facilities are on hand, including the Royal Hobart Hospital, the Hobart Private Hospital and the St Helens Private Hospital.
Battery Point 1.6
Battery Point
Georgian cottages in Battery Point. Trendy living in Hobart.
© Tourism Tasmania and Peter Baillie
An easy walk from the Hobart CBD, this historic area was once home to workmens’ cottages that later fell into disrepair. Some years ago the suburb became trendy and most of the quaint little houses have been renovated. There are multi-million dollar homes along the Derwent River waterfront and among the narrow streets and lanes there are arts and crafts shops, cafes and restaurants.
Cornelian Bay 4.5 Between New Town and the River Derwent, Cornelian Bay consists primarily of a large cemetery, the Cornelian Bay Sports Grounds and Cornelian Bay Beach. There is also an aquatic club.
Dynnyrne 2.7 A suburb on the lower slopes of Mt Wellington above the city of Hobart. It has a mix of older houses and homes that have been renovated. Many have excellent views to the river and eastern shore. The waterworks reserve is a picnic facility that is close at hand.
Fern Tree 8.9 This is the Hobart suburb closest to the summit of Mt Wellington, set among the eucalypt forests and getting more rain than the generally dry lower city areas. It has a great feel, for those who love the bush, while being close to the Hobart CBD conveniences.
Glebe 1.7 Just north of the Hobart CBD, across a dual carriageway, and on the steep slopes of the hill that is the Domain reserve, this is an area of older houses, many of which are weatherboard. Its proximity to Hobart city and the reserve with its sports facilities, including an indoor pool, means that this suburb may well be the next that is targeted for trendy upgrades.
Lenah Valley 5.6 Close to facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres and leisure facilities, Lenah Valley is increasingly popular. At the base of Mt Wellington, and only a five-minute drive to the Hobart CBD, the suburb has a bush-like setting, with good views, modern homes and a peaceful atmosphere.
Mt Nelson 5.8 Mt Nelson is a hill that dominates the area above Sandy Bay and the city of Hobart. The summit is covered in eucalypt woods. Most Mt Nelson homes have excellent views and the advantage of being close to the main facilities of Hobart.
Mt Stuart 3.2
New Town 3.8 New Town is a suburban shopping area, north of the Hobart CBD, and adjoining the north Hobart restaurant area. Facilities include shopping chains, supermarkets and retail outlets.
North Hobart 2.1 North Hobart is known as a restaurant strip, with eateries including pubs, taverns, restaurants and cafes. This busy area also features art galleries, small fashion boutiques and Tasmania’s oldest operating movie house. Trendy inner-city living for the younger crowd of Hobart.
Sandy Bay 4.8 Sandy Bay is home to Australia’s first casino, Wrest Point, and to the main University of Tasmania campus. It is renowned for stylish boutiques and gift shops. Banks, supermarkets and a post office are located in the main shopping area. Sandy Bay is a large upmarket residential area with homes stretching from the Derwent River waterfront to high up the hill and affording great views to the eastern shore of Hobart.
South Hobart 1.6 This is a classy suburb, close to the Hobart CBD, with facilities such as the St Johns Calvary private hospital. There are a mix of older homes, not all with views, and some high-walled mansions with mature trees and gardens.
Tolmans Hill 4.4 A relatively new suburb on the high slopes above the city of Hobart. The blocks are steep and the views majestic. The homes are new and large and contemporary. Whenever you leave the front door you need a vehicle.
West Hobart 1.7 Heading north-west towards New Town is a mix of affordable properties from period homes to newer townhouses. West Hobart is within walking distance of Hobart city and close to North Hobart restaurants. Good views over Hobart city to the river from many parts of the suburb. Schools are nearby.