Claremont Golf Club in Tasmania

The Claremont Golf Club is an 18-hole par-71 members’ course that is just 5,667 metres long. Claremont Golf Club is also open to the public.

Situated on a point that juts into the Derwent River in the Municipality of glenorchy, close to Hobart, the Claremont Golf Club has magnificent views of the water and of Mt Wellington and surrounding hills.

Although it is not a level walk and is somewhat exposed to the wind the average club member will enjoy their sport here.

The layout at Claremont Golf Club includes a mix of three rather easy short par-threes, a couple of par-fours that are more than 400 metres and four par-fives that can all be reached in two by long hitters. They are interesting holes and there is plenty of room.

View of Mt Wellington from Claremont golf course
Great views of the water and Mt Wellington from the
Claremont Golf Club course in southern Tasmania.

The fairways get thoroughly drenched with recycled water, so they are green, even spongy underfoot, and well tended. Hit the ball off-line however and you will have the barest of lies in summer. If you hit it there, you get what you deserve. There are distance markers on all sprinklerhead covers. (Why doesn’t every course have them?)

There are very few sand bunkers and you don’t want to go in them. Be warned. The greens are smooth and there are no buried elephants.

The clubhouse has the usual facilities and pro shop.

The annual subs, from July 2007, had not been set when we last checked, but are likely to be under $700. There is no waiting list and no joining fee.

First green at Claremont
Putting out on the first green at Claremont Golf Club, Tasmania.

For detailed course information, visit the claremont golf club website.

“Don’t complain. You hit it there.”