Bushwalking in Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the world’s best walking destinations with many kilometres of walking tracks through a variety of landscapes. Unlike mainland Australian states, where distances can be great, Tasmania is a compact island. The natural places are within easy reach.

Evercreech Forest Reserve
Evercreech Forest Reserve, Tasmania.
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National Parks in Tasmania

There are 17 accessible national parks spread throughout Tasmania. Excellent facilities are provided for walkers – free public huts along popular tracks, campsites, visitor centres at the main gateways and well-maintained tracks.

The tasmania parks & wildlife service website contains comprehensive information on national parks and reserves as well as on World Heritage, wildlife, plants and landforms in Tasmania.

There are details of specific walks in their bushwalking section.

The Tasmanian Overland Track

Tasmania’s premier long-distance track, this six-day walk covers 65 kilometres through the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area. It has built a national and international reputation as one of the great wilderness bushwalks.

The overland track tasmania website has information on the walk and an online booking facility. Booking is required during the peak bushwalking season – 1 November to 30 April.

Bushwalking clubs in Tasmania

Joining a bushwalking club is an excellent way to experience interesting walks. The bushwalking clubs are also a source of first-hand information and a place to meet like-minded people.

  • Hobart Walking Club

    The Hobart Walking Club has been continuously active since its formation in 1929. There are about 1,000 club members.

  • Launceston Walking Club

    The Launceston Walking Club has about 150 to 200 members and is based in Launceston.

  • North West Walking Club

    Based in Ulverstone, the North West Walking Club offers a varied program of bushwalking for people of all ages who have a spirit of adventure and a reasonable level of physical fitness. Walks are graded to suit all standards of walkers, ranging from “beach strolls” through to “difficult/arduous”.


Tasmania has more than 2,000 kilometres of world-class walking tracks.

tasmanian national park entry passes

A fee is charged for entry to Tasmania’s national parks. The money raised is used to protect and maintain the parks. Fees are reasonable, particularly for residents who can buy a one-year or two-year pass covering every National Park in Tasmania. Details of long- and short-term fees are provided by the parks & wildlife service

Overland Track
The Overland Track is the premier bushwalk in Tasmania.
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and Don Fuchs