Michael Barrett – commercial sailing master finds the perfect place to settle

After seven years of living on boats in some of the most exotic places in the world, commercial sailing master Michael Barrett felt the need for a home base. He chose Launceston in Tasmania.

“It is the perfect place to start a new life,” he says. “Where else has such a beautiful gorge on the doorstep? I walk there most days.”

In 2006, after skippering boats in seven different countries and covering 13,000 nautical miles in one year, Michael delivered a yacht to Hobart. The South African-born owner of the vessel impressed him. “He had lived all over the world,” says Michael, “but he was so excited about living in Tasmania. It was infectious.”

“Also, the locals were very helpful and friendly. They make tired seamen feel more welcome than at any port I have visited. The Derwent Sailing Club provided a free berth for the day. I asked if I could wash my boat, if there were water restrictions, and the reply was that in Tasmania there is an abundance of everything!”

Yachts berthed
© Sailcraft

“Business here runs at a whole different pace. It is beautifully slow. Nothing is too difficult. People are ready to spend time to listen.”

“Maybe Tasmanians are such a happy lot because they are pleased to be living on the Apple Isle.”

Sailing at sunset
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Michael Barrett operates sailcraft, a yacht delivery business with agencies around Australia and in Asia.

Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett of Sailcraft

Sailcraft provides services such as inspection reports, vessel maintenance and engine replacement. In addition, they give tuition in sailing, navigation and electronics.

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