Tasmania for your sea change.

Whether your lifestyle move is to city, coast or country, you will find that Tasmania has employment and business opportunities, affordable housing and schooling, and a mild climate in a warming world.

Here is the information you need to consider a sea change to Tasmania – where the rhythm of life is easy.

Hobart seen from Mt Wellington in Tasmania.
© Tourism Tasmania and Garry Moore

Economic data for Tasmania …

Do Tasmanians pay the lowest tax?

Annual (2007) data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that Tasmanians paid the lowest level of state and local taxes in the nation.

The ABS figures show that in the last financial year the per capita state and local tax payment of $1,860 was the lowest in Australia – well below the average of $2,594 and more than $1,000 below WA’s top payment of $3,015.

Sea change:

Lifestyle move to a coastal area.

Tree change:

Lifestyle move to a rural area.

T change:

Lifestyle move to Tasmania.

did you know?

The north-west tip of Tasmania boasts what is officially the world’s cleanest air.