Opportunities in Tasmania

Are you planning to generate an income in Tasmania through employment or business? Perhaps you would like to add to your skills and are considering re-training or a university or TAFE course.

There are many opportunities in Tasmania.

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    tasmania – highest rate of growth in disposable income

    From an article in The Sunday Tasmanian, 28 Jan 2007

    According to Dr Bruce Felmingham of the University of Tasmania, Tasmania had the fastest growth in household disposable income in Australia in the five-year period to 2006.

    Growth in that period was 39% in Tasmania, compared with only 23% growth for Australia as a whole.

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Business is thriving in Tasmania and there is a demand for skilled workers
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Tasmania is no longer “isolated”

“Airfares are cheap. I can visit friends and family in Melbourne anytime. Tasmania is not isolated like it once was. Low air fares and the internet have made the difference.”