Bluestone Tin to re-open Mt Bischoff mine at Waratah

From a report in The Sunday Tasmanian,
10 December 2006

Mining at the historic Mt Bischoff mine at Waratah is set to re-start in 2007. The mine, known as the mine that “built” Launceston, will begin production again 60 years after it produced its last tin.

It is anticipated that a development plan lodged with the Tasmanian government will be approved soon. Bluestone Tin also plans to restart mining at the mothballed Renison Bell tin mine, 80 kilometres away, and to process the ores at Zeehan.

Bluestone plans to mine 220,000 tonnes of ore a year at Mt Bischoff. The rebirth of the mine should bring workers and money back to Waratah.

The west coast’s mining industry is fighting to hold onto its skilled operators in the face of a new nickel mine also starting up production next year. Companies are offering financial incentives for workers to stay put.

Bluestone Tin bought Renison Bell mine in 2004 and spent around $50 million bringing it back into production. Then, seven months later, the mine closed again when tin prices dropped. Following a feasibility study, Bluestone Tin is now ready to re-start operations.

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