King Island mine to re-open

From reports in The Mercury, 23 December 2006
and The Sunday Examiner, 24 December 2006

King Island Council has given planning approval for the mothballed sheelite mine at Grassy to be re-opened. A processing plant is to be constructed in 2007 and the mine will be operational in early 2008. The mine is expected to employ 75 people when it opens.

The mine originally operated between 1911 and 1990. An increase in the world price for tungsten has made the mine feasible once again.

King Island has a clean, green image and a reputation for producing top quality beef and dairy products. In granting planning permission to the mine, the King Island Council has limited its production to 600,000 tonnes of raw material a year and attached several conditions: carbon emissions have to be one hundred per cent offset; toxic waste has to be shipped off the island; and precautions must be taken to ensure that oil and grease is not discharged into Grassy Bay.

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