J Boag & Son, Tasmanian Brewer

J Boag & Son is a launceston brewer with a history going back to 1883. Boags has a long string of national and international awards to its name.

Boags Brewery, Launceston
J Boag & Son Brewery at Launceston in Tasmania.
© Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

At the 2006 Monde Selection in Brussels, the world’s most prestigious beer awards, Boags received gold medals for their Premium, Premium Light, Draught, Draught Light, Strongarm and St George beers.

In addition, after receiving gold medals for three consecutive years, James Boag’s Premium and Strongarm labels were awarded the International High Quality Trophy – the third time that Boags received the award since it was launched in 1994.

Being recognised in this way is helping to put Tasmania and its quality products into the world spotlight.

Boags is committed to producing the highest quality beers, using Tasmanian-grown hops and barley, and unpolluted highland river water. They use a traditional European batch-brewing process which involves an extended lagering period with low fermentation temperature levels.

did you know?

Most cans of soft drink have higher calories and carbohydrate than beer. Even skim milk has more calories than regular beer.

A “beer belly” probably stems more from poor dietary habits and lack of exercise than the overconsumption of beer.

Consumed in moderation, beer has certain health benefits derived from the natural ingredients of malted barley and hops.

Natural advantages of Tasmanian beer

Tasmania’s cool climate and superior quality ingredients are natural advantages in producing beer.

Hops are grown locally and supply the distinctive bitter beer characteristics. Local barley is malted to supply the body of the beers and the water is sourced from Tasmania’s highland river system.