Energy supply in Tasmania

Tasmania’s power network complements the natural environment with its focus on sustainable energy.

Tasmania is the leader of renewable energy generation in Australia. More than 90% of Tasmania’s power comes from hydro-electricity. Wind power developments have been created for the north-west of Tasmania.

Basslink, an undersea power cable linking Tasmania with the Australian mainland, allows the State to import electricity when low water storage levels mean that the generation of hydro-electricity is diminished. By the same means, power can be sold to mainland states when there is surplus production in Tasmania.

Tasmania’s electricity supply has never been interrupted by industrial action.

Electricity supply in Tasmania

  • Hydro Tasmania

    Tasmania’s hydro-electric resources are managed by Hydro Tasmania, a State-owned company.

    Hydro Tasmania operates and maintains an integrated system of 29 hydro power stations and is Australia’s largest dam owner, with over 50 large dams.

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  • Roaring 40s

    Located in the 40th parallel in the path of prevailing westerly winds, Tasmania has world-class resources for the generation of wind power.

    Roaring 40s was formed in 2005 as a joint venture between Hydro Tasmania and China Light and Power Asia Renewable Projects Limited. It is now the leader in the development of wind energy projects in Australia with over 200 megawatts in operation.

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Natural gas supply in Tasmania

  • Powerco Tasmania

    Following an agreement between Powerco and the government of Tasmania, natural gas has arrived in the State through a $450 million undersea pipeline across the Bass Strait from the Longford Plant in Victoria.

    The following two gas retailers are licensed to supply Powerco natural gas to consumers in Tasmania:

    » Aurora Energy Pty Ltd

    » Option One

woolnorth wind farm
Electricity is generated through wind turbines at Woolnorth Wind Farm in north-west Tasmania.
© Roaring 40s


There are no coal-fired power stations in Tasmania. Energy is produced by renewable hydro-electric power and also by wind generators.

There is one additional power station in Tasmania fired by natural gas, which burns more cleanly than coal. A second such plant is under construction in 2008.

geothermal energy potential

Tasmania’s potential as a source of geothermal energy is to be explored.

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climate change and tasmania

Tasmania leads Australia in tackling climate change.

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