Teleommunications in Tasmania

Tasmania enjoys the same standard of advanced telecommunications infrastructure as that found elsewhere in Australia.

Telecommunications are primarily a Commonwealth Government responsibility. However, successive State governments in Tasmania have sought to provide improved access to telecommunications infrastructure and services. These developments provide opportunities, better delivery of government services and improved access for regional Tasmania.

For the majority of Tasmanian locations, basic telecommunications infrastructure and services are readily available and reliable.

Intelligent Island Initiative

The Australian and Tasmanian governments jointly support an Intelligent Island program that provides funding for Tasmanian ICT companies to access new global markets. More than five million dollars was allocated in grants in the first round of merit-based funding in April 2007. Applications for two further funding rounds will be accepted later in 2007.

For more information, visit the Tasmanian Government Department of Economic Development’s intelligent island strategy page.

Community services in Tasmania

  • Tasmanian Communities Online (TCO)

    The Tasmanian Communities Online (TCO) has a network of 66 Online Access Centres throughout Tasmania. These provide public access to computers and the Internet and basic training in their use. The Tasmanian government, through the Department of Education, is the major sponsor of the network. More detail about the program is available from the department’s website.

satellite dish
Tasmania has an advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Significant investment is being made to upgrade the assets. © T CHANGE

did you know?

The first telephone call in Australia was made in Tasmania between Launceston and Campbell Town.

fibre optic broadband in tasmania

The Tasmanian government is moving forward with its plan to develop fibre-optic broadband competition in Tasmania.
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