Tasmania leads Australia in tackling climate change

Tasmania has lower carbon dioxide emissions than the Australian average.

The latest figures from the Australian Greenhouse Office show that each Tasmanian produces an estimated average of 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, as opposed to the Australian national average of 28 tonnes.

Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon, speaking in Canberra in April 2007, said that if the whole of Australia had the same per capita level of emissions as Tasmania there would be a reduction of more than 120 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

“This is the equivalent of Victoria’s entire annual emissions,” he said. “If the rest of Australia caught up with Tasmania the nation would achieve the stated aim of reducing emission levels (to 60% of the year 2000 figure) over the next forty years.”

Premier Lennon said that Tasmania would nevertheless work to wind back its own emissions to help achieve the Australian target.

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