Wynyard and surrounds

Boat Harbour Beach
Boat Harbour Beach. The coast of north-west Tasmania is perfect for a sea change. © Tourism Tasmania and Richard Eastwood

Served by the waratah-wynyard council, this municipal area of north-west Tasmania covers 3,532 square kilometres. The Wynyard-Waratah region is bounded by Bass Strait to the north, Rocky Cape National Park to the west, the Pieman River to the south and the city of Burnie to the east.

Map of Wynyard and surrounding area

Waratah-Wynyard is recognised for its productive dairy, vegetable, horticulture and forestry enterprises that thrive on well-watered basalt soils famous for their rich red colour.


Population: 4,500

The town of Wynyard, on the coast of north-west Tasmania, is sheltered by Table Cape and Fossil Bluff. Surrounded by lush farmland, Wynyard sits on the seafront and on the banks of the Inglis River. It is a charming town on a particularly beautiful stretch of coastline and is popular with retirees for its excellent beach and flat topography. The rural area around Wynyard is very English in character with rolling hills and a patchwork quilt of fields.

The Burnie/Wynyard airport (often listed as Burnie airport) is close by. There are Rex flights to Melbourne and Tasair flights to King Island in the Bass Strait.

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Population: 3,800

This north-west Tasmania coastal town is located on the western bank of the Cam River. Somerset is an attractive town with a delightful beach. Somerset has excellent recreational facilities and a traditional small-town shopping centre.


Population: 700

Approximately 18 kilometres south of Wynyard, Yolla is in the midst of a rural area with dairying, vegetable production, beef cattle, cropping, forestry and poppy production. Further south, extensive mining operations extract gold, copper, lead, zinc and iron.

Yolla has no major employers but many micro businesses. It is a typical Tasmanian rural area made up of family farms with contract workers in peak times such as vegetable harvesting periods. The area has several small cottage businesses and a general store and post office.

Boat Harbour Beach

Population: 400

Boat Harbour is a beautiful village and beach just off the main north road on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Located 33 kilometres from Burnie, Boat Harbour Beach is a charming village on the side of a gentle hill. It is notable for its fine white-sand beach. The offshore waters are ideal for skin diving. The village exists in a microclimate which is removed from the surrounding weather patterns. Frosts are unknown and tropical plants can be seen in local gardens.


Population: 230

Once home to the world’s richest tin mine, Waratah is an attractive settlement in the heart of Tasmania’s west coast wilderness. To appreciate the full level of Waratah’s isolation it is worth remembering that the road through the area was not completed until 1963. Built on both sides of the narrow Lake Waratah, where there is trout fishing in season, Waratah is 185 kilometres from Launceston.