Launceston and north-east Tasmania

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map of Launceston and north east region

The north-east of Tasmania is the sunniest corner of the State. The landscape includes beaches, waterfalls and miles of scenic coastline with great fishing opportunities.

These natural assets are complemented by access to the facilities of Tasmania’s second-largest city of Launceston.

Launceston Boardwalk
Dining on the Launceston boardwalk. Sea change living.
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There is an introduction to living, working and investing in Launceston and north-east Tasmania, at visit northern tasmania

Population: 65,000

Population: 21,240 (West Tamar)

Population: 6,680

Population: 7,120

Population: 18,620

map of Tasmania with north east region marked
North East region seachange brochure cover

The live northern tasmania brochure (pdf 814kb) is a good introduction to the north-east region of Tasmania for those considering a sea change or tree change.

Launceston brochure cover

The launceston brochure (pdf 869kb) is for those looking for business opportunities. It also contains general information about the area.