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Kingston is the major commercial, retail and administrative centre for the Tasmanian municipality of Kingborough. It is linked to Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, by an excellent dual carriageway. Kingston is 12 kilometres south of Hobart.

Kingborough has one of the longest stretches of coastline in Tasmania (336 kilometres) and covers an area of 717 square kilometres. The population is approximately 31,500 and the main towns are Taroona, Kingston, Blackmans Bay, Margate, Snug, Kettering, Woodbridge and Middleton. The Municipality includes Bruny Island which lies off the coast and can be reached by vehicular ferry from Kettering.

Kingborough is essentially residential in nature and has had the second highest population growth in Tasmania in the past year. Demographic data shows that the population in the main urban areas of Kingborough have higher income and home ownership levels, higher percentages of managerial and professional employees and people with tertiary qualifications.

Local industries include fish processing, aquaculture, tourism, viticulture, boat building and civil engineering, as well as the Australian headquarters for Antarctic research, the Australian Government Antarctic Division.

Kingston beach
Kingston beach. An ideal spot for a sea change to Tasmania.
Map showing position of kingborough municipality

The following towns are served by the kingborough council.

kingborough municipality
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Blackmans Bay 14.9 Blackmans Bay is an upmarket suburb. It is Kingborough’s most populous residential area and it features the attractive, sandy Blackmans Bay beach. Blackmans Bay has several schools and a small shopping centre. Blackmans Bay is to the south of Kingston and within easy reach of Hobart, the captial city of Tasmania.
Bonnet Hill 13.2 Bonnet Hill is one of the southern suburbs of the greater Hobart area, between Taroona and Kingston.
Bruny Island 47.0 Bruny Island, home to around 600 Tasmanians, is a deceptively large island, about 100 kilometres in length.
The Neck at Bruny Island
The Neck at Bruny Island. Sea change living.
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It is made up of two distinct parts joined by a narrow isthmus called The Neck. At the north end of The Neck, mutton birds and fairy penguins nest in the sand dunes. North Bruny is open pasture and lightly wooded, whilst South Bruny is hilly and heavily timbered. At the far south is Cape Bruny with its historic lighthouse overlooking high, sheer cliffs and the sometimes stormy seas coming from the Southern Ocean. Access to Bruny Island is a 15-minute ride by vehicular ferry from Kettering. There are up to nine crossings daily.
Coningham 26.9 Situated between Snug and Kettering, south of Kingston, Coningham has a small sandy beach that has safe swimming. Coningham is popular for camps and orienteering.
Howden 20.2 Situated between Blackmans Bay and Margate, south of Kingston. There are a small number of houses in Howden, all set in the trees and many on oversized blocks overlooking North West Bay.
Kettering 31.7 Kettering nestles into the coast on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and looks across the narrow channel to Bruny Island. The area is noted for apple, cherry and pear orchards. Kettering has become a service centre for the local farmers. Like much of the area south of Hobart, the town has become a centre for commuters and alternative lifestyle dwellers who find that the peacefulness suits them. Kettering is a haven for yachtsmen who enjoy the two marinas that are situated in its sheltered bay. It is the departure point for the Bruny Island vehicular ferry.
Kingston 12.5 Once a holiday beach resort for city residents of Hobart, Kingston has been absorbed into the southern suburban fringes of the State capital since the development of the Southern Outlet Road. Kingston has been one of the fastest growing towns on the outskirts of Hobart. It is comprised of several suburban estates. Most of the population work in Hobart but enjoy living in a quieter environment a short drive from the city.
Margate 18.7 Margate is a seaside town on the Channel Highway five kilometres south of Kingston. It has a population of around 1,000 but more people live in the area immediately around the town. New housing developments have sprung up and a fair percentage of the population commutes to the greater Hobart area.
Vineyards, grazing fields and stands of trees surround the town. At the Wharncliffe property, on the approach to Margate, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines are produced and black alpacas are being bred. Alpaca breeding is a developing industry in Tasmania, where the climate and environment are ideal. Alpacas are soughtafter as pets and for their fleece.
Middleton 45.2 Middleton is a village on the Channel Highway south of Kingston. It is surrounded by farms where apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants, gooseberries and blackberries are grown. In season the district is noted for its roadside stalls where the fresh produce is sold to passersby.
Snug 23.9 Between Kingston and Kettering, Snug is a quiet but expanding township. The town is now a commuter-belt settlement which has attracted city-dwellers and people interested in alternative lifestyles. Once a centre for fruit growing and timber cutting it has become more urbanised in recent times.
Taroona 9.3 Taroona is a major residential suburb south of Hobart, between Sandy Bay and Kingston. Most houses in Taroona have excellent views of the Derwent River.
Tinderbox 23.2 Tinderbox is at the southern end of a peninsula south of Blackmans Bay. Tinderbox has a sheltered beach and Tasmania’s only underwater snorkel trail. The beach and foreshore are included within the tinderbox marine reserve which extends 1.4 kilometres north-east of Tinderbox Bay to Piersons Point. The reserve covers an area of 45 hectares and provides a safe marine study area for research, recreation and education.
Woodbridge 36.0 Just south of Kettering, Woodbridge is a small town that looks across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel to Bruny Island.