Buying a home in Tasmania?

Pay fair market value and no more.

Here are two simple tips to ensure that you pay the right price.

» Do your research.

This means looking at lots of homes which meet your criteria, in the area where you want to live, and it means asking lots of questions. What have similar homes sold for recently? There is no substitute for doing plenty of inspections and for acquiring solid facts.

» Care, but not too much.

Having identified a home that suits your needs, you must obviously feel satisfied that you could live there with contentment. You need to care.

However, if the seller or their agent sense that you care too much – that you have a strong emotional attachment to the property and would be disappointed to miss out – then you have become what is known as a “motivated buyer”.

Motivated buyers pay top dollar.

It is not an easy attitude to cultivate but you must find the strength to convince yourself that if this purchase falls through then another, possibly better, proposition will come along.

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