Allegiance wants new mine at Melba Flats

From a report in The Advocate, 15 Jan, 2007

Allegiance Mining is applying to the Tasmanian government for a lease at Melba Flats on the west coast north of Zeehan and hopes to mine nickel and copper at the site within 18 months.

Allegiance is scheduled to be in full production at its Avebury nickel mine, west of Zeehan, in September 2007. Ore from Melba Flats would be transported to Avebury for processing.

The managing director of Allegiance, Mr Tony Howland-Rose, said yesterday that it was too early to predict the scale of operations at Melba Flats. Technical and environmental studies had to be done, he said.

There is a shortage of experienced mining personnel on the west coast of Tasmania and recruitment could be difficult.

The Zinifex mine at Rosebery, mining equipment company Atlas Copco, and Mancala, which will start production from Que River soon in a joint venture with Bass Metals, all advertised for staff in The Advocate on Saturday.

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