Allegiance Mining – nickel processing plant to boost Tasmanian economy

From reports in The Examiner, 30 November 2006,
and The Mercury, 6 December 2006

The Tasmanian economy is set to benefit with the commencement of construction of the Avebury Processing Plant, west of zeehan.

Nickel, which is used in the manufacture of stainless steel and which is in high demand, is to be produced at the plant from late 2007.

Allegiance Mining, the owners of the Avebury Plant, have signed a two billion dollar agreement to supply nickel to Chinese group Zinchuan. The operations create employment for 90 underground miners and 70 surface workers – a major boost to the economy of the west coast of Tasmania.

Allegiance Mining is extending its exploration efforts for nickel sulphide and says that deposits to the east of the Avebury Mine “may justify a separate mining centre”. In addition, it has hopes for another large body of ore some kilometres to the west of Avebury, near Trial Harbour.

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There are substantial high-grade mineral deposits in Tasmania.
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