The cost of living in Tasmania

Housing in Tasmania is cheaper than in the capital cities of the Australian mainland. (See the property page for a comparison of median house and apartment prices.)

Retail prices of grocery items in Tasmania

Grocery prices in Tasmania are lower on some items and more on others. Use these Australian Bureau of Statistics figures to compare Hobart with other capital cities across Australia. See the comparison of average retail prices of selected items on this linked page.

Petrol prices in Tasmania

Petrol can be slightly more expensive but, when making a comparison bear in mind that, in general, the shorter distances travelled in Tasmania and the lack of traffic jams may reduce the amount of fuel used.

See “average monthly capital city unleaded petrol prices(prepared by FUELtrac for the Australian Automobile Association).

Energy costs in Tasmania

Tasmania has the second lowest electricity cost of any state in Australia. The aurora energy website has useful information and calculators to help estimate your power costs in Tasmania.

Aurora’s companion site, has useful energy tips.

Fresh produce, Salamanca market
Tasmania is known for its vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.
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